Where to invest?

PAMM accounts - effective investment solution

Advantages of investing in PAMM accounts:

Profits are automatically distributed between all participants in the PAMM account, pro data with investment.

Your investments are securely protected: trading managers use investors’ funds to make transactions, but cannot withdraw or transfer money to another account.

It’s easy and convenient to manage your investments: you can add and withdraw funds to and from PAMM accounts any time.

You can easily diversify your funds by investing them in multiple PAMM accounts with various managers.

You can generally expect profit that significantly exceeds interest rates offered by banks.

  • What is a PAMM account

    PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. PAMM is an investing service that allows you to invest money with successful traders, allowing you to make money in the Forex markets without mastering the peculiarities of Forex trading. Instead, all you have to do is choose a manager and entrust your money to a proven professional.
    The PAMM service gives investors the opportunity to invest funds safely in the Forex market, whilst enabling successful trading managers to achieve higher trading volumes and increase their personal income from their trading activities.

  • How it works

    A trading manager creates a PAMM account and invests capital in it - i.e. the manager trades not only their investors’ money, but also their own. Once the account is established the trader creates an offer and specifies the terms of investing in their PAMM account.
    These investment terms include the minimum amount of investment, whether or not investors can view the manager’s trading history and/or open transactions, and the percentage of the manager’s commission.
    Our service is absolutely transparent – you can always monitor your PAMM manager’s operations and can you withdraw your money at any time.<

  • Rate of return

    The rate of return will depend on the manager. If you choose a manager who earns 15% on average per month, you can expect to earn 15% from your investment in his trading.
    However, please note that any investment carries risks and past performance is not a guarantee of future profits.

  • How to choose a manager

    When choosing a PAMM manager, you will need to analyse the PAMM ratings to choose the specific balance of risk and return that best suits your personal risk appetite.
    For most investors the main criterion for choosing a manager is stability, so the first thing you will probably look for is the date when the PAMM account was opened.
    You may also pay attention to the amount of capital the manager has invested into the PAMM account, his current assets and the number of other investors.
    Another significant factor will be the maximum loss of the manager and deposit capacity (ideally, not more than 25%), which will help you determine the risk factor of your investment.
    In addition you should take note of the total rate of return and the manager’s monthly profit. Please remember that past performance is not guarantee of future profits.

You can even earn with PAMM accounts without investing your money. Simply attract investors or manager and get your commissions.