What is crypto.com coin? Is CRO good Investment?

  • What is crypto.com coin, Is CRO good Investment?

    The ranking of the top ten cryptocurrencies on the Coinmarketcap rating site changes every day, currently one of the top ten tokens is CRO or Crypto.com Coin.

    CRO is currently ranked tenth on Coinmarketcap as of 08 October 2020. CRO is a cryptocurrency issued by Crypto.com which is a multipurpose payment platform using cryptocurrency.

    At present CRO has a market cap of $ 3,023,023,074 and circulating supply 20,522,374,429 CRO.

    This is an interesting fact because it has managed to shift the position of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin SV, Cardano, and EOS.

    Why did CRO tokens go up by more than 100%? is this an asset that will provide good gains in the future? That question always arises for all crypto investors. And I wish you get answer here.

    What is CRO crypto?

    CRO is a cryptocurrency from Crypto.com, which is a payment platform based cryptocurrency, and they use Visa that is integrated with the platform to make it easier for users to purchase tokens and other services.

    Previously Crypto.com also published MCO which is a ticker for Monaco cryptocurrency, but MCO is ranked 120th.

    Crypto.com is a payment platform that aims to increase crypto adoption through various payment channels including Visa cards.

    They offer zero fees or markups and are the best place to buy crypto.

    The company has also launched a Vortex Trading Engine which collects liquidity from major exchanges globally and sends orders to them to ensure the best execution price.

    The platform also offers some fiat in its services, although most of it still covers the Asian region at this time.

    There are also crypto wallets with cashback features and Visa cards that are supported by MCO tokens.

    Other benefits include free Netflix and Spotify subscriptions to cardholders as users who pay for their subscriptions with the MCO Visa Card can receive a full rebate on their package costs.

    Discounts for travel websites and Expedia and Airbnb bookings are also available using crypto cards. According to CEO Kris Marszalek;

    Where to buy CRO crypto?

    CRO has a large market in the Asian region, and currently 22 exchanges have supported CROs globally. Users will easily make CROs as digital assets or for trading purposes.

    You can buy CRO on one of the following exchanges:

    • ABCC, the world-leading digital asset platform. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • BIBOX, crypto trading exchange. Pair CRO/BTC

    • Big One exchange, Pair CRO/USDT &CRO/BTC.

    • Bithumb Global, crypto trading platform.Pair CRO/BTC

    • Bithumb eng. Digital asset platform. Pair CRO/KRW.

    • BIKI.com exchange. Pair CRO/USDT

    • Bittrex International, Pair CRO/BTC.

    • Coin Tiger exchange. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • CPDAX, Pair CRO/KRW.

    • DCOIN exchange. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • DDEX.io. Decentralized margin trading. Pair CRO/WETH.

    • Digifinex, Crypto exchange. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • Gate.io. Crypto Gateway. Pair CRO/USDT.

    • GOPAX. Korean exchange. Pair CRO/BTC, CRO/ETH, CRO/KRW.

    • HitBTC. Bitcoin exchange. Pair CRO/BTC, CRO/ETH, CRO/USDT.

    • HUOBI Global, Pair CRO/BTC, CRO/HT, CRO/USDT.

    • IDEX Ethereum trading platform. Pair CRO/ETH.

    • INDODAX, Indonesian exchange. Pair CRO/IDR.

    • Kucoin. Crypto exchange. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • OceanEX .Exchange. Pair CRO/BTC.

    • OKEX, crypto Exchange.Pair CRO/USDT.

    • ZB.com Digital asset exchange. Pair  CRO/USDT, CRO/QC.

    • Upbit  Pair CRO/KRW, CRO/BTC.

    From the list of exchanges above that support, CRO comes from Korean exchanges which are the biggest suppliers of coin growth.

    Is CRO a good investment?

    CRO in its history has jumped 170% in just one day. By then the daily volume had increased from $ 90,000 to over $ 800 which is more than half of the current volume in KRW on the GOPAX exchange. A South Korean stock exchange.

    The CRO surge was also affected when the token was listed in the Indodax exchanger listing. 

    But is the current CRO still relevant to buy? From the analysis that has been done by crypto research, it is stated that this asset is still worth buying. There are several reasons for this, which make CRO worthy of consideration for crypto lovers.

    From the analysis results, it is stated that this year CRO has double gain compared to MCO, where CROs get 32% and MCO's only 16%.

    Why invest in CRO?

    Citing from crypto research, CROs are worth buying for several reasons, first CRO prices are cheaper than Bitcoin, second CROs have had more massive growth in recent years.

    CRO's price below Bitcoin

    The current price of CRO is $ 0.146870, which is very cheap compared to Bitcoin which is currently valued at $ 10,617.81, so it can be said that CRO is cheaper than Bitcoin so that if its value in the future increases it can provide a high gain.

    Source Crypto research.

    CRO had enormous growth in recent years

    Historically, CRO was ranked 111 on the Coinmarketcap rating site in January 2019. However, with its large growth, CRO is currently ranked 10th.

    The volume of demand for CROs has driven the market capitalization of CROs to grow 17 times from $ 30 million to between $ 572 million

    January 2019 to October 2020.

    Meanwhile, Bitcoin only doubled from $ 67 billion to $ 117 billion. However, the daily volume is still greater than Bitcoin with a total of $ 37,445,486,654 and a CRO of $ 53,716,493.

    Why not invest in CRO?

    Besides the above reasons for investing in CRO, these negative points are the reasons why you should not invest in CRO.

    CRO prices often correlated with Bitcoin

    Since being traded on the CRO crypto exchange with Bitcoin correlates with only about 40%, meaning that if Bitcoin goes up, it doesn't mean that the CRO also increases drastically.

    However, in 2020, the correlation between CRO and Bitcoin is increasingly real, with a positive correlation reaching 95%.

    So if currently, Bitcoin goes up then CRO goes up too, and if Bitcoin goes down then CRO goes down too, and this is not a good diversification for a financial asset.

    Source Crypto research

    CRO has 100 billion total supply

    CRO has a total supply of 100,000,000,000, and currently, the circulating supply has reached 20,522,374,429 CRO as of October 2020.

    Crypto.com the first to make CRO, they control 100% of 100 Billion tokens.

    It is stated in the whitepaper that 30% or 30 billion will be released to the market according to a predetermined schedule.

    The remaining 70% or 70 billion tokens are owned by the company.

    However November 2019, their Crypto.com announced locking in 40 billion coins over three years.

    20 billion tokens will be locked up until the expected main net launch over the next 1-2 years.

    The price may go up due to the main net launch, but there will also be downward pressure on the price due to the opening of 20% ​​more of the coin supply.

    CRO coin price prediction 2020

    CRO in a day has moved from the current tenth to ninth, this very drastic change gives an indication that there has been an increase in demand that has shifted the position of Chainlink coin. But what is surprising is that Litecoin again ranks eighth behind Polkadot.

    What about the CRO price prediction for the future? Several well-known forecasting sites indicate that the CRO price prediction is likely to rise.

    Wallet investor CRO’s price prediction.

    According to the Investor Wallet analysis, the CRO price can increase from the current one at $ 0.148553 in a year is predicted to be $ 0.4089. And in five years it is predicted to be $ 1,441.

    One of the advantages at this time is that the CRO price is still low so that investors who dare to take CRO to buy actions will spend part of their capital for long-term investments.

    If this time investors spend $ 100 for five years it is predicted that the gain will be 873.68%. Regardless of whether this prediction is accurate or missed, CRO is still considered to be potentially profitable.

    Short term analysis wallet investor

    In short term trading at the moment the resistance area is $ 0.165 while the support area is $ 0.140.

    Source Wallet investor

    Currently the CRO price is $ 0.148553, and the market is predicted to be in a bearish condition where up to October 22 the price is expected to be close to $ 0.140.

    Long term analysis Wallet investor

    According to investor wallets, the CRO price is predicted to reach $ 0.4 in one year until 2021. With a significant bullish trend, the CRO price will land at $ 0.4089.

    Source wallet investor

    Crypto.com community support can influence the long-term bullish trend for the CRO price. The rapid growth in market capitalization may continue as the list of exchanges supports CROs..

    Gov cappital CRO’s price prediction

    According to the analysis of Gov Capital, the CRO's tendency is in a rise tendency, they estimate that the CRO price can increase by 151.301% in one year, from today to the end of 2021 the CRO's price is estimated to be $ 0.369.

    Meanwhile, the predicted price in 2025 is estimated at $ 2,819, so the potential gain can reach thousands of percent within the five years of the investment.

    Short term analisys Gov capital

    According to Gov analysis, short-term capital tends to be in a bearish tendency, it is estimated that on 24 October 2020 the price will reach $ 0.135.

    Source Gov capital

    Today, according to Coinmarketcap, the CRO price is up 0.70%, but Gov Capital predicts that the price will tend to be bearish this week.

    Long term analysis Gov capital

    For the long-term trend, according to Gov Capital, after 2020, the CRO tends to be bullish in the following year.

    It is estimated that at the end of 2021 the CRO value will be at its highest price peak at $ 0.38. But then it crashed and the price fell back to $ 0.174.

    Source Gov capital.

    The image above is only a CRO price prediction for the year to 2022, while for the long term 5 years it is predicted that the price will reach $ 2,819.

    Cryptocurrency price prediction

    Cryptocurrency price prediction does not provide detailed analysis methods used for forecasting. However, the long-term prediction result is also expected in bullish market.

    According to their predictions for December 2020 at $ 0.1869, December 2021 at $ 0.3414, December 2022 at $ 0.4046, Decemeber 2025 at $ 1.3876, December 2030 at $ 2.2248.

    According to their prediction, the CRO is a good asset in the long term, and it is expected to reach $ 6 or higher by 2030.

    Coinarbitragebot price prediction

    The method used by CoinArbitrageBot uses historical data processed by a certain algorithm and results in a prediction that this year's price trend could reach $ 0.11388 in December 2020.

    Meanwhile, the prediction for the next three years is that the CRO price is predicted to reach $ 0.81498.

    CRO short term price analysis 08 October 2020

    Currently CRO / USD is priced at $ 0.150, while price movements on the daily timeframe during this week tend to be in the range of swing highs at $ 0.152 and swing lows at $ 0.142.

    A drastic volume spike occurred on the last 20 September 2020, where the price surprisingly fell to $ 0.121.

    However, the price quickly rebounded and closed at $ 0.160, thus forming a Pin Bar candlestick with a long wick. Indicate after price fall then buyer pressure to move up.

    Chart by Tradingview.

    from the iamge above today the price formed a bulls candle where the price had touched the middle band, which is the first resistance.

    Meanwhile, if you pay attention to Bollinger bands, there is a narrowing line which marks the weakening of volatility on the daily timeframe.

    Reading the MACD indicator, the current signal line is below the MACD line, which means that the bearish trend is dominating, and the histogram shows that the price is bearish.

    While the RSI is currently at the level of 45.76, which means it is a downtrend because the value is below the 50 level. But seeing the RSI line which is starting to rise, currently the bulls are controlling the market.


    The capitalization of CRO has indeed increased sharply, and has succeeded in bringing it to the top ten rankings of other major cryptocurrencies.

    At a price that is currently quite cheap, it is possible that this is a digital asset that has the potential to provide long-term gain. Crypto.com's extraordinary growth can be the reason that CRO is a coin worthy of a long-term investment.

    Even though last month in September 2020 the price fell but went back up and is currently in a consolidation phase, it is possible that positive reviews from several forecasting sites provide good value for CRO in the future.