Learn How to Install an Expert Advisor to MetaTrader 4.

  • Using ea to do automated trading is really interesting, many traders with type investor traders like to look for expert advisors that are both free and some who pay dearly, but how to install expert advisors into MetaTrader 4?

    To install Robot or EA (Expert Advisor) in the Metatrader software is actually quite easy, and you can do it yourself like our tutorial below.

    At first, you have to have the robot program file first that you can get on the internet or buy it because there are thousands of types of robots in circulation, but not all of them are of quality and can generate profits for you

    For normal robot installations, we will review the instructions, especially for robot installations in the Metatrader 4 (MT4) software build 600 version and above, the latest version of the MT4 software released in 2014

    How to view your MT4 Build version: run your terminal software and then look for the menu for Help> About, then see your MT4 software version there, including the version year

    How To Install And  Run The Robot or EA in MT4?

    1 Install and run your MT4 platform trading software on a PC or Laptop computer

    2 Then after entering, then in the MT4 look for the FILE menu in the upper left corner, then look for the "OPEN DATA FOLDER" menu, and click here to enter your MT4 data folder

    3 Copy the robots file ".ex4" into your MetaTrader software directory data folder in the folder: ... \ MQL4 \ experts \ (Example to: C: \ AppData \ Roaming \ MetaQuotes \ Terminal \ {code blah blah xxxx} \ MQL4 \ experts \)

    4 Also, copy the additional robot dll. files (if any) into your MetaTrader software directory folder in ... \ MQL4 \ libraries \ (Example to: C: \ AppData \ Roaming \ MetaQuotes \ Terminal \ {code blah blah xxxx} \ MQL4 \ libraries \)

    5 After that, close the MT4 software (restarted, close and run again) and then run your MetaTrader software again. If it is successful, the robot file will appear in the NAVIGATOR menu to the left of your MT4. (or you can right-click your mouse in the Navigator column on the Expert Advisor then select Refresh)

    6 Before you run the robot, make sure you have pressed "Ctrl O" and then select the Options menu - Expert Advisors, then check all the necessary options (See the image below for an example)

    7 After everything above is done, click and drag the robot selection from the NAVIGATOR menu on the left to the chart you want. (or you can by clicking 2x on the robot selection in the navigator menu)

    8 Then you can set the input parameters of your robot, and then run

    9 Sign if the robot has been running correctly then in the upper right corner on the chart the image of the person will smile

    10 To deactivate the robot, you can close the chart of the chart with the robot (where the robot was dragged or placed), or click the "Expert Advisor" button on the top of the collection of menus on MT4

    Running EA using VPS

    Thus, how to install ea or robot into MetaTrader 4, trading using robots does provide convenience, but to run the robot for 24 hours full day, many users robot prefer to  choose using VPS services, which by using VPS the user does not have to turn on the computer for 24 hours, because the robot is already running inside the VPS, there are so many providers that hire VPS for trader, you can search using google search engine or ask your broker whether provide service for VPS or not