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  3. Guide to Using VPS for Expert Advisors (EA)

Guide to Using VPS for Expert Advisors (EA)

Besides being done manually, Forex trading can also use robots or expert advisors (EA), to be able to run this EA, VPS forex is usually needed. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is very important to run EA or forex robots. Using services from our VPS many problems will be avoided when we run the EA program on our own computer. A common problem is a power failure, a slow internet connection or even disconnect. It's a big problem if the computer goes out, errors or disconnects the internet connection when running an EA for our trading. The use of VPS will also save on our computer usage so that it can last longer.

So the definition of VPS in easy language is a server that we can rent to replace the function of our personal computer in the sense here that is to run a software EA (forex robot) for trading purposes automatically.


  • To rent a VPS forex you can follow the following procedures.
    Preparation of VPS.
    Prepare a VPS Trader Server (Virtual Private Server), which it
    is a server, usually using the Windows operating system
    Server-2003 or Windows Server-2008, or similar OS. Usually, you will get IP_ADDRESS, USER_NAME, and PASSWORD to be able to manage and use VPS
    that you rent. Keep your VPS data well. You can rent VPS on

  • Access to the VPS Server.
    After you have a VPS Account, you can manage it
    Your VPS is REMOTE, using Windows Remote Desktop
    Client from your local computer by the following methods:
    Run the software "Remote Desktop Connection" This RDC software is the default Windows Operating System, and is usually in the "accessories" folder of the Start Menu

  • Upload Files to VPS.
    To be able to upload files to a folder on VPS Server,
    you can share your flash disk or D drive
    after filtering you can take files from your VPS to your computer like the image below

  • Install MetaTrader on VPS.
    After uploading all the installer files and EA, please install Meta Trader according to your Forex Broker InstaForex. Installing Meta Trader on a VPS server is the same way as installing the MetaTrader software on your local computer.

  • Update Meta Trader to V4.00 Builds 229.
    Make sure you do LiveUpdate when installing the MT4 so that your MT4 uses V4.00 Build 229. This MUST you do so that this EA can be installed without making CRASH in Meta Trader.
    To ensure that the Meta Trader version that you have installed uses the latest version of V4.00 Build 299, please look at the Help Menu >> About which is in Meta Trader, already Build 299 or not.
    During the Meta Trader installation, make a Demo Account (only for setup), and
    DO NOT LOGIN TO YOUR REAL ACCOUNT, before the EA installation is complete.

Installing File EA (forex robot)

After the Meta Trader installation is complete, please Install the EA File that you have
You can from us, with the procedure:

  1. Close the MetaTrader Program first.

  2. Copy the EA file in accordance with the relevant Broker's Name, inside EXPERTS folder where Meta Trader is located.

  3. After the EA Software is copied, open the MetaTrader Software Program again.
    Show ONE Chart only, for example, GBP / USD with Time Frame
    M5. Don't open a lot of charts, because EA's software work will be a problem.

  4. DO NOT LOGIN TO YOUR REAL ACCOUNT, before the EA installation is complete.
    During installation, log in to the DEMO Account that you created when the Meta Trader installation earlier.

  5. In Meta Trader, look at the NAVIGATOR section, usually next to Chart. Explore the Navigator in the Folder Tree whose name is EXPERT ADVISORS. Then please DOUBLE CLICK in the file name EA. You copied it earlier, for example: "Your erobocyber_DEMO_Account". Then
    Dialog Box will appear. Click Common> Check the small box that says
    ALLOW LIVE TRADING. Click input if you want to enter new parameters
    If it is then clicked OK.

  6. Then, look at the top center. Look and click on the writing EXPERT ADVISORS, so that the Expert Advisors image logo GREEN, and in the upper right will appear the Name Name EA accompanied by a symbol of 'smile' (That means EA Life)

  7. Restart Meta Trader, by closing the Meta Trader software and reopen.

  8. At this step, if EA is alive (smile) and the EA Logo is Green, means that EA is active and you have successfully run EA on VPS.

Start Trading REAL ACCOUNT with EA Software on VPS.

  • After EA has been set up, now is the time for you to start trading. Disable EA demo you right-click on EA_demo in the navigator section >> delete >> restart MetaTrader >> login into the real account >> Do it like steps 5 and 6, but select your real EA account >> complete. Now you will see the first transaction what your EA software will do.

  • Installation and EA settings are complete, please log-out from VPS.
    Your work on VPS Server has been completed, and Trading has also begun. You just have to operate and manage your Trading in accordance with the correct Procedure, so that EA can work to provide maximum profit for you. You only need to log into the VPS occasionally to check the VPS by using the Remote Desktop Connection.

Another way to enter EA or Robot into Forex VPS

There are several ways to enter EA or Robot into Forex VPS. Below I will explain several ways, choose the most appropriate and most practical way in your opinion.

  1. By using DropBox. Dropbox is a file sharing application. After you install Dropbox, will create a special folder on your computer. All files that you enter in the folder will be easily shared, or you can also easily create a download link for files in your Dropbox folder, by right-clicking on the file and then selecting "Share Dropbox link". That way you will get the file download link. After that, you can copy the link to your Forex VPS so you will be able to click and download your EA or Forex Robot from VPS.

  1. By copying it from PC to VPS. If your VPS uses OS Windows 7 then you can directly copy paste from PC or Laptop to VPS. Whereas if your Forex OS VPS is Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 then you need additional settings that are actually very easy. You have to be a little patient if you use this method because the file transfer will be slower. Don't blame your PC's internet connection or VPS internet connection if the transfer is longer because the file transfer system using this method is indeed a little slower than other methods. Please follow the instructions in the following picture:

  1. HDD or Partition Sharing to VPS. As in the example above, you are sharing a Hard Drive or Drive with VPS. So, this way you can understand that you will be able to open your HDD or HDD partition from VPS. Files that are inside the HDD will be able to open or copy from VPS. But remember, this method will also be longer if your internet connection to VPS is not fast or less stable.

  2. You can also use dropper files. This method is very easy. Please open the website then you will find a button to upload files. After that, you will get a download link to the file. Then you can download your files from VPS. This method is easy but with a lack of security. Why is it less safe? Because anyone will be able to download the file you uploaded if they know the download link. But if they don't know the link they can't download  If you use this method you should first change the name of the EA to another name to trick.

  3. By using the application Transferring files in this way will be faster than the number 2 and number 3 above. At least that is the result of my experience. But if you want to use a TeamViewer then you should pay attention to the use of RAM and your VPS processor because it could be a lot of RAM or processor consumed for that application. Immediately turn off the TeamViewer application if you don't need it anymore. Make sure that the application is completely dead because otherwise, the application will slow down VPS. I suggest that you only use TeamViewer only if your VPS has> 1GB of RAM so that the MT4 performance on your VPS is not interrupted.


If you want to make Forex as one of your livelihoods, you should planning better for supporting tool. Don't just choose a supporting tool in terms of temporary practicality but think of long terms. So I suggest, the best for traders is to have a Dropbox account and application. This application is free, unpaid and provides long-term convenience. Your data will be safer, file transfer is easier. If your Forex VPS is troubled, your files will remain safe because all EAs, EA Settings, Indicators, your important scripts will be stored in the drop box instead of in the VPS.